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Whatever has brought you to coaching, this is an opportunity to experience an encouraging and nonjudgmental space to speak life to your dreams and to courageously discover and express your ideal self and your ideal future without the limitations of "oughts" and perceived roadblocks.


During our coaching partnership, you will be invited to explore your story. Who are you? What is the story of your life? What are the moments along your journey that have shaped you - the painful, the turbulent, and the joyful? How has it made you greatly unique? How has it inspired you and what you care about?

Pivotal to your vision becoming, is discovering your greatness. Therefore, our coaching partnership will support you in enhancing your awareness of your uniquely purposed strengths and how they show up in your life and in this world. It will also support you in recognizing and settling any presence of impostor syndrome that may be getting in your way of discovering your greatness.

We will work together to co-create a process that will allow you to define and explore your goals for growth, including identifying key developmental opportunities in which you can leverage your strengths to clear a path for your vision.

Our coaching partnership will also support you in discovering what inspires you to be fully present for yourself and to move forward in both an intentional and powerful way. There are inspirational sources inside of us and around us, that when accessed, have the ability to stir up movement from within. 

Finally, our coaching engagement will support you in embracing the change that you are seeking, including strengthening your resilience to set and stay the course. You will be both challenged and supported in stretching yourself - to develop an action plan and begin taking steps, toward your ideal self and future. This is your opportunity to experiment with living boldly, confidently and freely in your greatness. This is your opportunity to become who you are, already. This is your opportunity to Surface Your Greatness!


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